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Modification of National Exam Would ‘Overly Worry’ Students: Lawmaker

An Education and Culture Ministry plan to modify and vary national exam questions next year might unduly burden students, according to a lawmaker who, among other concerns, cited the increased difficulty test takers attempting to cheat would face.
“With 20 question variants, students would have to work harder because there is no hope of cheating, [and they] will overly worry,” Zulfadli, a member of House of Representatives Commission X overseeing education, said on Saturday.
He said such a plan would only drive teachers to focus on tailoring lessons to potential national exam questions, in the process neglecting other subject matters.
Education and Cultural Minister Muhammad Nuh on Thursday said he would alter the way the 2013 national exams are administered, boosting the number of test variants from five to 20. He is also considering increasing the test’s difficulty and modifying its grading standards.
Zulfadli said the proposal showed that the government did not trust education institutions.
“How big is their worry?” Zulfadli said. “Does it mean that [students’] honesty [is at] a worrying level?”
He also said increasing the number of variants would cause distribution problems and make analysis of the nation’s scholastic achievement more difficult.
Another member of House Commission X, Reni Marlinawati from the United Development Party (PPP), also downplayed the need for the government’s preventive proposal on Saturday, and echoed Zulfadli’s concern for the potential for test changes to cause students psychological duress

Source : JakartaGlobe

well , when i find this article from site of jakarta globe, it makes me interested to give some of opinion of mine. this article says that the ministry of education and culture plans to give more variants on national exams questions, then it rises pro – contra betwen lawmakers and goverment. In this case the government wants to increase the quality of indonesian education of course. As we know this plans actually have been implemented since years ago. It is showed from increasing of passing grade for all students who wants to leave and continue their goals. The increasing of score i think has unduly burdened the students and it drives the students only focus on the certain subjects will be examined. It is proved to me, when i have to face the national exam, i just focused on the national exams subjects and tend to neglected the others. Until some years ahead, the government changed the regulation of assessing of national exam. The students will only stated pass the final exam, if they all pass also the exam given from their own school. Well this has became new good regulation for students and all stakeholders. But i personally, still question this regulation. as you know education taken by students in every regional is different. it backs to their own facility of learning process and their teachers also. The teachers must give their only potency their student, but mostly the excelent teachers only take a job in certain region or even institution which dare giving high salary as return. So the remain  in this teachers just take teir role in others area which is not familiar. The second one about the facility which every institutions are diferrent then the students in certain schools that only have minimal facility such as PC, library, or even the condition of classrooms, they will give less effort and less interest to maximize their potency and willingnes for studying. Ok these 2 condition as long as i know it has made the condition of education in every schools are different, then this will raise question why goverment give centralized exam for all students from sabang to merauke ?. It is not fair i think, the students who have minimal quality of facility and potency from their teachers will more burdened by this regulation. Even regulation also runs its plans to raise the minimum score for final exam.

According this article, i think this is not too bad idea. this is a good idea but it needs some more revision before it comes to regulation. Some ideas of mine are why the government give more concession to every school or region as the head of regulation who knows really about their own education potency. even more the government wants to increase the minimum score it is not a big problem as long as the variants of questions examined composed by its own regional government. And of coure this wont stop on regional government it self but also it neeeds such a cooperation to ponder what best variants of exam questions. So it will not only increase the quality of education but also in accordance of regional education quality. Its very simple i think, just give more authority for regional goverment and make some soordination in both making and assesing the final exam. the students will not feel that new regulation is such a burden.

Well, this is my opinion about that article. i hope, this will be heard by everyone who comes to my blog and raise the awarness and caring to our country education self. lets take it as simple as possible 🙂


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