What You Do Is Good

Posted: Oktober 12, 2012 in Thought

It has been  long time since i posted my last posting abt closing my position.And now it has became such as a missing for me to fill my blog up again. I has had this feeling several months ago actually but it just become realistic today, this october 12 on friday. My life changes quite fast. now i have no job since my graduation by july. I know this is hard enough to face moreover i have to face my own problem of health. I think, that would be another obstacle to gain prestigus position. But i dont want to share abt this here, i have tried to bury deep down. Well i also dont want be stagnant in this situation, i understand that life must go on so it means i dont need to desperate !

2 days ago i decided to take an internship at my dad’s store. Actually it is ackward once i call it such as internship 🙂 . if you know, the store is too small far from mostly people imagines. this store is located in pekalongan at jalan banyu urip alit. it is far enough from city center. this store opens at 7 am and closes at 5 pm. My dad has 10 empolyees which is 4 females and other males. the males take their part as preparator of goods to sell and supervisor for coming goods inventory.  meanwhile the females take as cashier and preparator for small amounted goods. O ya, i guess you all must be eager knowing whats goods for sell ? think this is the new experience for own self as well. As you know Pekalongan is a city that famous for its batik product. not long time the goverment has set a carnival for celebrating batik day annualy. Batik has been trademark for this city even the national batik museum is also here. This city has alot of small industry making batik, and of course they all need all ingridients to make batik. Batik needs alot of combination of colours and others complementory substance. And here this store services to sell that all ingridients needed for  making batik. well, even though i was sock for the first time over see and know how it works but i triy to understand that good business is not coming only from neat and clean place but also from such this dirty and messed place. i has been trying up to now to push my egoism, i can say that i can be free to decide what path of life i will take but it comes back to the mean of  respect to my parents. How i can be like this unless because of my dad’s sacrifice. Yap, i know its hard and dilemma situation when you gona reach your own dreams. In one condition we asked to help our parents (if they have own business) directly and in other we want to live our dreams self. 3 days i have been living here and more i know how this business works and understand the behaviour of employee, how to run comprehensively from supplying inventories to reselling it all.  Also managing condition which costumer needs to complain. And the last, learning work more carefully :). This last point i did it wrong sometime but dont try to blame employee if they do it wrong just teach and give more trust to them, and it will be more excelent in the future.

I dont know how long i will be here, even a new branch nor far from here will be opened in several days ahead. I just have feeling that i will be placed over there to manage the store and supervise the employees.this become a happiness in one condition and sadness also. if it comes true what i said just now, my own dreams become farer long by long. it means that i will have no time to create my own path of dream. As you know one of my dreams is bein an financial director in a big company or even being CEO it self. Well, i starting to forget my dreams one by one and starting the new one at front of my eyes now. At least, i have been an supervisor first than my peers, while they are still reaching higher position at the same level of me. But the diferrence is my home company is just a small store with 2 or 3 employees LOL :). I believe my future in the right hand, in my God.And He will give all best  for everyone who believe and strive to reach what best in accordance with God.


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