since off position

Posted: Maret 5, 2012 in Thought

Thanx God ! prais eto U God !. after all, it has finished ! my duty in previous organisation has done and now i just stopped my course also. yeah as u know, i am still on progress of mini thesis. it is not easy to finish even to get best result from correlation between variable.. oh…. variable againn.. I am confused every i hear that word ! but it is a must to finish ! some of my firends have finished their mini thesis and examined and now how about me ? i am not sure i am the one who will be graduated in next may since i know i am  still on second chapter now. grrr…
Ok… i try to understand with this condition that not all thing we want to can achieved. we have to learn to be someone that can respect others achievement. even though thats not my type actually 😦
Ok sen, no more time for grumbling and feeling regret for what happened ! i have to chase my dream ! i have to make such a target that april my minithesis has to be finished ! i believe it !
ehmm also, seems like i forget the things to do, what is that ??????
yeahh,i have to read magazine in english everyday in 2 hours after waking up and closing my day with making resume bout an article in english too. hmm these activity never be carried out actually..  oke start tomorrow i am hansen will begin to read magazine in the morning and make resume at night before to sleep.
yeahh those all my promise !


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