This Dragon Year

Posted: Januari 23, 2012 in Live Journal

Today is Lunar New Year ! yeayyy ^^ , Happy Lunar New Year all 😀

Gong Xi Fa Chai everybody ^^ may you have great happiness, Healthy and have prosporous life along this Dragon Year ^______^

Since i woke up in the morning bout at 6 a clock, i just aware that this is New Year of Chinese. I am happy to have this opportunity to celebrate this New Year wif my family except my dad as usual. This Dragon Year is told by people that will bring more Prosperity and all things good along this year because they said Dragon is primary animal of the other shios. Oh yea, For those who have shio like cock, mouse, horse and snack can feel happier than the others because they suit with this Dragon. So, congratulation for you ^^ , and for those who have other shios, dont worry bout this year, because my aunt told to me that you can avoid the bad luck by chewing the ginger. ahhahaha , eventhough it sounds strange but yes thats the recipe.

Ok forget bout it for a while, here i will tell you bout my activity today….

After i got up, my brother called my dad to said the happy new year and got a short conversation. Then we also called his GF’s family.  Kinoy’s family has many people , if i am not mistaken there are 12 people. As usual each lunar new year her family will gather in her mother’s home in tangerang. We said hello with each other and had some joke. But unfortunately, her elder brother, dad, nephew and niece were not there, they were in some other place.

Actually we have relatives from my dad in Semarang also exactly in center of Gang Baru street and then not to wait too long we headed to there to say hello and congratulate happy lunar new year. We got there with Huda’s friend. his name is Lazarus. But he did not want to come just wanted to wait for us. all memeber of or relatives are a fussy person, they love so much talking with the others. hehehe. We spent long time invited them, maybe if i did not warn my mom and brother they would continue that long conversation.

Our next destination was eating. we had our lunch in Tlogosari, we ate there due to we thought to see and look for houses. Yes, we actually will move away from our renting house immediately bout 1,5 years later. After that we looked for houses either from individual person to person or from developers. Lands were  also not bassed by from our view. We met some people to ask the houses price till night at 6 a clock. We got so hungry therefore we ate directly at Istana mie. ouh i was so full at that time. 😦

But at that time we still felt curious bout the houses sale by developer in houses exhibition at Java mall. Because of that we went to Java mall to see the houses exhibition. In there i seemed little excited to stand from Kampung Semawis, because some hours before we had surveyed the district of Kampung Semawis. Unfortunately the standkeeper was not there so i could not ask further bout their houses. I little bit was not interested with the other stands due to their houses is on the far area from city center. I dont like the house if the area is not near the city. Not like Kampung Semawis, the district is on near Java mall it just need 10 minutes to get Java mall. And the pople whose houses also seem friendly. thats why i prefer to know that house further.

The time showed 9 aclock then we went back and felt so tired. And before i sleep i put aside my time to write this posting. Oke then, its time to sleep ! Good night all ^^ have a nice dream 🙂


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