Another short term resolution

Posted: Januari 20, 2012 in Thought

Hi, welcome back with me Hansen. maybe this post is seldom to read by everyone because mostly consist of my live journal . Lol πŸ˜€ , it doesn’t mind. I just want to share you all bout my story of today.
Today, No many activity i do. I dont have high spirit to increase my engkish skill even starting to write down my mini thesis 😦 . it was so hard to restart my focus on mini thesis not like i supposed before. I thought it will be easy to do to finish my mini thesis. My God, i have lost my spirit ! no more interesting to do that. In my mind i just think how to get job or schholarship. I lost my focus and my goal. i dont want regret someday because of my decision today. As the wise word say , ” The result of today is determined by yesterday action and today action will determine tomorrows result. “

This is not only talking bout finishing my mini thesis but also how to acomplish all my gooals in this year. I feel last year i did not do good things alot still many of them has not been finished yet.Β  I did not complete all my duty perfectly. and in this year i dont want to replay my failure again. No more !!!

This year is mine ! This year will bring me to the highest achievement ! i believe it !

I have made a rundown schedule for 10 days later and i make a target to finish my 1st cahpther of mini thesis before my trip to Singapore. it will be nice schedule πŸ˜€ I hope so !

  1. indraisme berkata:

    Dear, Hansen

    I like your post. I never read any enthusiastic post before. I agree with you, that spirit and willingness are important things in reaching your aims.
    Introducing, I’m indraisme1987. I also deal with English everyday, for I teach English subject in an Islamic Junior High and some learning course in my hometown. However, I’m still learning English, for there are still many things I have to know about. Just as the same as you do, sometimes I feel so despair in learning English that I begin to think if English is the appropriate thing to me. Then I think that consistency is the most important thing when we’re leading our way. After all, I hope this boring story of mine let you know that you’re not the only one in this case.


    • hansenfoe berkata:

      hee, thanks for leaving comment here. i am glad for it. in this blog mostly contain live journal category as you kno its just like temporary felling of mine . hee , and not many article give benefit to reader.

      Nice to know you indra, you can call me hansen n i am still in my last year of univ in smg. as you said, learning eglish needs consistency and thats the hardest part of learning i think. We have to create our surrounding that lead us to speak eglish on the other word we must make eglish as our habit. and thas what i am trying now, making some posts in english πŸ™‚

  2. indraisme berkata:

    Glad to know you, Hansen. I apologize for not replying you immediately. I am new in blogging, and of course you’d been a blogger long before I posted my first article. I think it is important to speak up our mind to share not only our experience but also our tought and feeling. Don’t worry about whether our articles give advantage to others or not, because we never know who will drop by and read our post. Maybe an article of spoken feeling can be much benefical and inspiring than thousands post of practical guide. Well, I’m waiting for your next post, Hansen. See you around.

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