Joke-Jah Seventeen

Posted: Januari 19, 2012 in Touring

Two days ago i have a trip to Jogja with my friends. we all were 5 people by my car. The trip was so amazing. it took almost 16 hours to visited several places. But the trip plan was not easy thing because my mother got sick on moday and i thought we would not go to Jogja. As a very kind child, i did not leave her alone in hospital eventhough my brother and his GF also be ready to take care of her. In other side i also did not want to make my firends disapponted by canceling the trip plan. I just asked permission from my mom and eventually she permitted me to went to Jogja. Duno what should be feeling 😦  but i believed my mom had given best decision to me.
i and my friends promised to gather at Yeyen’s dorm at 6 a clock. But we just gathered at 6.30 am because my friend petri and bima had something to do first and also i had just got up at 5 aclock. Then we went to tembalang to pick dina up in her dorm and we started our trip ! 🙂

The car wass driven by petri, she has accustomed driving car, it is proven by her driving style fastly and she also have drivinf lisence not like me and bima who has no that driving lisence 😀 . On our way , i took turn to drive till we arrived in Jogja. we spent about 3 hours to got there. it was long trip i thought. because we got traffic jam during way to there.

Our first destination was Briharjo Traditional Market. actually only petri had someting to buy at there, she said it was ordering from her mom. While petri, dina and yeyen looked for that stuff, i and bima took other way to hang around at there and tried new kind of lunpia. As we know lunpia is original food from Semarang which inside that is filled with rebung muda. But that lunpias was completly different ! it was filled with bean sprouts, sliced carrot, shredded cabbage, small pieces of chickenand an quail egg. hemm i was so yumy 😀 , u guys must try it , it was sold near Mutiara Hotel along Malioboro road. U just must of IDR 3ooo for the special one (as i bought) or maybe you dont like quail egg u also can choose the lower one with just small pieces of chicken inside.

The time showed alsmot 12 aclock. we all got hungry then we decided to had our lunch at “The house  of raminten” , it was just ordinary place to eat with miystic story behind it. It was beacause we choosed to eat at there. That location is in Kotabaru and i forget how  to get there so i am sorry not to explain you bout direction 🙂 . My frriends told me that the place is owned by an sissy. but also he is an traditional artist eventhough i don’t ever heard bout him but for Local people he is quite famous person. And the mystic strory is that hhe sometimes become a girl in certain time by bathing at jacuzzi tab in front of the toilet ( but dont ask me bout the time because i also dont know his schedule actually hehehee Lol) U can find it easly because it is on outdoor area and the customer can find it.

Okey,If u are interested enough to know further maybe u must go there by you self with your friends. i warn u to not go there alone especially for men because it will make u seem strange and seduced by their waitresses. Lol 😀 . After we had eaten we continued our trip to sunda beach. It is located in Wonosari.

U cant get there by bus or other public transportation because they dont provide that line to pass by there. So if u are an tourist with no privat car or motorcycle U can must take special tarvel to get there. If i am not mistaken it will cost u bout IDR 100.000. The scenery over there is so beautifull and not less than Parangtritis beach evenmore Kuta beach 🙂 . I tell u like this because u can see the beach and the hill beside u at the same place and u know it is seldom to have a view like that. From raminten to there it took almost 3 hours due to we got wrong way firstly , we headed to wonorejo as we supposed as the right way to get there till my firnd bima called his sibbling directing us to get the right way. and now actually i have forgoten the road to get there. Lol . maybe if u drive  a car or ride motorcycle u just find the wonosari first and u must find road to Kids Fun and u can follow that road.

Unfotunately after we got there we just spent few minutes to enjoy the wave of beach due to we also had to go to krakal beach. In krakal beach U can find the same beautifull scenery with lower sedimentation. But after we got there the weather became cloudy and not too long the drizzling fell down. 😦 , so we must back to car immediatly. the drizzling became hard rain and poured along our way to Kaliurang.

We headed to there to get BPK (Origal taste Batak karo dish) because my friend told to us that she had ever been there and it was delicious so we got interested too. 🙂 , we got there at bout 8 a clock and we just spent bout 1, 5 hours to had a dinner. after we all got full we went back immediately. we wont spend more time to rest  a while beacuse my friend petri would have a KKN ceremony and i also have a meeting next day at 9 a clock.
i drove the car till the half way and tooke turn by bima till we arrived in semarang at bout 00.30 am. we were so tired. and it was so amazig story ! 😀



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