Performance day

Posted: Januari 13, 2012 in Live Journal

Today, I dont jnow what happened to me. I got lazy again in the morning, not satisfied to learn english. I bet it because i did not drink my tea before i started my day. My watch in Blackberry was also wrong, it showed late by 1, 5 hours ! Lat night, after i charge my battery of BB as you know BB can adjusted automaticly when after turned it on again. I thought i got up eraly at 6 aclock, Ok then i tought i still had long time to wait till the time would show 8.30 am. I spent the time with surfing by internet collected some videos and set up downloader application. My friend yeyen texted me and asked where i was in at bout  7 a clock (it was my time ), then i replied her and said i was still in bed, i was still sleepy afterthat she answered that the time hds shown at 8.30 am !. suddenly i was shocked ! then i took a bath and headed to her dormitory. In our way, she forgot to take her helmet therefore we went around. We got in the church at half past nine actually.

We just practised once and did evaluation but i coould not wait it till end because i had english course so i asked permition to all actresses and theater director of course.  That was a laziest time course ever, i was not interested with the lessons. and actually my teacher also said to me that i was unspirit at that time.

I became excited when the time i would like to take my pasport, they said that the pasport will be finished in four days after being potographed but i did not get my pasport du to their chief officer had not given a sign yet 😦 i was so dispointed and going to be spechless then i went to home with no spirit. maybe i just got restfor about 1 hour and had to go to celebration of Christmas of my Christian Student Organisation at 4 aclock.In there i will be perfoming the theater with my teammate. After we praised, worshiped and got preachment i must to give a short speech on behalf of Organisation. After that i was made up on my face by may friend and we got perform theater. Th theater spent about 20 minutes.

I was so happy after i finished already 😀 , finally i can prove to my self that i can do it ! 🙂  It was very nice experience !


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