Trying my best

Posted: Januari 12, 2012 in Thought

Okey, sorry for not writing these 2 days. I got so lazy to write down anything happened around me due to my tired. okey, i dont want make this prolog to be more long, i will tell you about what happened today directly. hee

I have applied for the job offered BNI  (state owned Bank). They offered the job for anyone who has been in their sixth semester. i just knew bout that news on January second and for those who wan to apply that recruitment should be completed  till on fourth of January. when i and my friend Aji wast passing by the announcement board we looked that news and i was so interested with that. Then i asked aji to join that recruitment also. In the night i looked for the documents required and some of them had not been copied so i had to copy on the next day. At firt the big problem in my mind was it would be harder to get the assignment from Vice Dean III because since the change of Vice Dean III i was doubt to get his assigment easier than former Vice Dean III. Ok, at that time i did not want to give up  before i tried. After i copied the all documents for double i put it at different big envelope then i went to campus to get the assignment.

As i supposed, when we were going to asked the assignment, we should get the assignment first from head of administration staff. Fortunately i have known her. Her names is Ibu Tatik. we got her asignment then we asked VD III asignment at lectures room. The time showed almost to at 4 aclock and we could not give my documents to KESMA office. That office usually  take over all administration regarding the students scholarship and job vacancy. So i had to attend tomorrow actually on fourth of january i also had schedule to make pasport requestment in Imigration office class I at Jl siliwangi next to distirct court office. As you all know there will be crowded if we attend to disctric court office late. i decided to come Rektorat earlier then headed to district court office directly.

In this recruitment some of my classmate also applied for. one of them is smart student but i wont give up even more fell scared i jst tought through that selection will give me more experience how to face the job selection. I dont have high ambition to get it. The days after that, on eleventh of January i was texted by my friend that those who applied that recruitment have to attend to Widya puraya on January fourtheenth and we will get the english test of the first selection phase. Yes i felt happy at that time indeed ! then i texted my friend too Aji bout that news. We planed to go to there together. the next day, after i finished my exam, a friend of mine Agung said to me that he lost the chance to join BNI recruitment then i shocked in sudden. I told to him that i and Aji had applied for that job recruitment and we did not have more time to inform the others due to we thought it would be so hard to get the VD III assignment in short time so i would be useless. He told to me that his former senior also applied that recruitment and got salary of 6 million ! it made me more shocked !. it is quite high salary for the fresgraduate.

Ok, as i said before I wont be too ambitious even more if i pass that recruitment and they give me high salary i will take it but if not i will leave it. I have another plans after getting graduate. And now, i try so hard to make me accustomed speaking english and prepare to get more confident for selection tomorrow 😀


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