Getting hard rain

Posted: Januari 10, 2012 in Live Journal

                                Nowadays it is always rain . since in the morning i went to the campus for exam, the weather has became cloudy. in the way, i hoped that the rain did not fall down before i get there because i forgot to take the rain coat. usually it is on bottom of seat of motorcycle but du to kinoy’s dad took it the night before with kinoy’s motorcycle. So today i did not bring it. Yes after i got at my campus, the rain started to fall down, 😀 how lucky i am. today i have schedule to attend the meeting with my english teacher and to pratice theater. So after i finished the exam, i headed to my english teacher. Uhm here i also introduce her to you, her name is Nana and she is still young aged 23 years old.  Unfotunately, after i got there i did the mistake, the misscomunication actually. I thought that the meeting would begin at 10 aclock but actually it just started at 10.30 am. i must wait for a while and i had for breafast too. We spent the time 1,5 hours for the meeting and the weather was still cloudy. Not to wait anymore, I headed to PKM temabalang for practicing. I got there earlier and no one be there, 10 menits later my junior radho came.  we got little conversation till the others came to that place. We praticed for long time until 5 a clock, and drizzling fell down. there was no reason to wait anymore, i got sleepy and hoped at home as soon. I went to home with my friend yeyen due to her dormitory at pleburan. in the way the drizzling became rain and we did not want to take shleter because we had beed wet all. We just bear up facing the rain till we arrived at her dormitory. The the rain was getting harder, the wind also made me colder along the way. Long time i dont feel the pouring of hard rain along the way home since i was young. 😀 . My gllases became opaque and i felt the rain dropped sharp on my face. it little bit hurt like my face was bitten by ant. You can try it if you want. Lol.  finally I got home sodden.



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