New blackberry battery

Posted: Januari 8, 2012 in Live Journal

Today, we all got up late, we just started our activity at about 9 a clock. Actually today is sunday and we should got to the church in the morning at 6 a clock ! oh my God , we sorry God 😦 . Ok then we decided to go to church in the afternoon due to my church open their service twice. Usually we go to the church every 8. 30 am but due to today we also have appointment to go to our old neighbor’s weeding at 11 a clock so we directly prepared to get there. Our old neighbor live at pondok raden patah in the edge of semarang city.

After we got there, we congratulated to the cuple and we also took a picture for a while. Then we got have lunch and eat some snack served. Maybe at about 2 pm, we got bored and decided to hung around at Citraland without mom, mom still wanted visit other our neighbor who also had got married a year before and saw their baby also.

In Citraland, that was so pleased after we arrived we went to playing at gamefun, we spent almost of our time there, 🙂 we palyed some games and my elder brother paid me for the game … 🙂 . once we were waiting for our turn we met sibling of my brother’s GF,  then we got playing dance together * actually i dont know what the game’s name… heee. after finished we be apart.

we got hungry and my brother’s GF named kinoy told me to had lunch at Bakso pak kumis in Matahari. after we finished, we would back to car, in the our way suddenly i wanted to see the accessories of blackbbery maybe they have the new one. I saw one by one their casing but none is the new. But i attracted to buy the battery of blackberry but not original surely. they give IDR 100.000 for welcome one and IDR 75.000 for feer one. I said to kinoy ” it is so expensive, could u help me to bargain them all please ? ” . Yes indeed, actually she know well all the employees due to she had been ever their customer for reseller. So, not too long they give me lower price IDR 65.000 for Welcome and IDR 55.000 for Feer. finally i choosed welcome battery and i paid as much as they give to me. 🙂 That was called as Real big discount ! ahahha


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