I get the “cheapest hostel”

Posted: Januari 8, 2012 in Thought

On saturday after i woke up in the morning … not morning anymore i think because it was at 10 a clock ! I got up late because the night before i just slept at about 2 in morning. Therefore i could not get up early. Along the day i spent my time with surfing. yes indeed, from this post’s title u can guess what i want to tell to you.  Lol 🙂

I don’t have nothing to do, due to that was still holiday  right ? and i also don’t have meeting appointment. Evenmore my mother and elder brother had gone to warehouse to continued his working. Almost everyday they be there to supervise the working of his capenter. Ok then, what should i do ? i thougth at that day.  well our servant had came to our house and she started to clean our house as usual.

It had better I surfed internet to looked for the ceapest hostel in singapore. I had booked a flight ticket from air asia. at first I surfed the entrance ticket of chingay parade due to I have not been booking for the ticket, but actually the days before I had looked for the ticket but the ygave seat numer far from the stage even i had tried apply for the most expensive one. i thought maybe most of the tickets had been sold out 😦 and today I also get the same seat number. Oh how pity I am.. 😦 ok insteaf of I got bored, I looked for the ceapest hostel that I had not been getting…

I looked for the hostel form one site to another site, but nothing I got. The ceapest hostel I got only at S$26 per night. At noon I had my lunch and in the afternoon I went to some honda dealer to looked for the new one. After that maybe at 6 a clock I got to my house and continued to ooked for the hostel till at about 9 a clock and eventualy I decided to choose the rucksack hostel, it costs S$26 per night.

The location also among the famous plas like pit building , china town, little india, orchard roand and sentosa island. And it aslo near witr MRT station. So It will easier my trip. 🙂
Yeah, eventually it will find the ceapest hostel yeah eventough it is still expensive for backpacker like me with limited budget. Wekeke.. 😀


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