going crazy at PH

Posted: Januari 7, 2012 in Live Journal

Heee.. 🙂 This is my ridiculous experience with my friends when we were geting hanging around at Piza Hut Citraland. The story begin when my friend petri told to me that she was getting cravings with  piza. she said that she doesnt eat piza so long therefore she asked me to accompanyed her. firstly i refused her asking and i said that i dont have enough money to eat that expensive food. you know, pizza is expensive enough for me to eat because we must spend about IDR 20.000 to have small and cheapest package of pizza. oh my god, instead of eating piza i prefer to eat KFC. ehm.. then she still forced me to accompany her, and the she also asked our friends too bima and yeyen.

And fotrunately, a friend of mine yeyen, she had voucher prized IDR 50.000, then we got excited and happy !!! heee eventually we coukld get the lower by using that voucher. after we finished our theater pratice @ PKM Tembalang, we went to yeyens dormitory directly also we also engage our friend winda because she also wanted to join us. Afterthat we picked yeyen up and headed to Piza Hut Citraland, not so far from yeyens dormitory.

We had our dinner together as usual with chating one to another and joking bout someone. we enjoyed that moment :). the time showed 9 a clock , then we had got our food left 2 slice of piza. the outside of this place had been closed because its rule is such that. but we still didnt want to go home. then the game is begun. the name of the game is ” truth or dare “. yes maybe you have been ever try this game. the bottle is spinned and will appoint someone around of that then he or she who is selected will be asked two option between tell the truth by answering their firends question or dare to do something asked by their friends.

The first around we got selected all one by one we all selected to tell the truth because it maybe wont make us to shy by doing ridiculous thing. many stories we told to our friends and it also the truth because we dont want deny the rule even more lied to our friends. the the second around my fiend got his turn again and he is brave enough to choose dare challenge. the we asked him to sung a song entitled “roti dan mentega” with the pillar beside us. and its so funny looked at him like a child with special needs ahahahhaa !!! you can watch the video recorded his foolishness….

Then after bima got his foolishness, its my turn to take a dare challenge, all my firend got excited too especially bima, bima asked me to got the beautifull waitres’s name and made some a joke infron of her with winking one of my eyes and appointing her with my forefingers butpetri asked me to playing “roti dan mentega” with the waitres,  but i refused her request indeed because maybe iit will be so ridiculous and also annoyed her. LOL 🙂  , i choosed to take bimas request but without made such a joke.

Once she was walking to the centre of place i closed to her and asked her name , firstly she didn’t care to me after i asked again she just said ” just looked at my nametag !” okay, i got it ! but that moment was getting too serious on the other word she didn’t like it and showed sullen face. oh my god ! i was so shy at that time !


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