Posted: Januari 5, 2012 in Thought

yYes, i am failed again for such competition. whay must this happened ? i cant step to next selection process of ILESP. the first selection for cv screening i have been failed. 😦 . how pity i am, this is not like i hope before, since i joined this selection i was sure, i could pass all the selection process till sent to USA. but now , i have to get rid of all my thought bout it.
yes, you must ask me where i know that information, right ? let me tel you now, today Jauary 2nd 2012 i curious the announcement of IELSP, because last night i had made already some plan to go to abroad on february. and the IELSP makes me consider to choose th best date to go because i thought that the announcement wlll be published on this jabuary or february so i must ready for all posibilities if i am called to go to jakarta for next process like interview. but what i find today is really make me shocked ! i know the announcement has been published at their wbebsite address. i am really disppointed , 😦 lil bit makes me to rethink how little my ability for getting such scholarship. not like the others !
i can count how many failed i get during i am in undergradute. but i dont want do it, because it will hurt on my self.
as the wise word ” when you getting lose for something, you can still learn from it “. okay, this failure wont make me giving up. but make me more struggle to catch all my dreams !
Never stop to dream and i will do it now ! no matter what !


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