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Modification of National Exam Would ‘Overly Worry’ Students: Lawmaker

An Education and Culture Ministry plan to modify and vary national exam questions next year might unduly burden students, according to a lawmaker who, among other concerns, cited the increased difficulty test takers attempting to cheat would face.
“With 20 question variants, students would have to work harder because there is no hope of cheating, [and they] will overly worry,” Zulfadli, a member of House of Representatives Commission X overseeing education, said on Saturday.
He said such a plan would only drive teachers to focus on tailoring lessons to potential national exam questions, in the process neglecting other subject matters.
Education and Cultural Minister Muhammad Nuh on Thursday said he would alter the way the 2013 national exams are administered, boosting the number of test variants from five to 20. He is also considering increasing the test’s difficulty and modifying its grading standards.
Zulfadli said the proposal showed that the government did not trust education institutions.
“How big is their worry?” Zulfadli said. “Does it mean that [students’] honesty [is at] a worrying level?”
He also said increasing the number of variants would cause distribution problems and make analysis of the nation’s scholastic achievement more difficult.
Another member of House Commission X, Reni Marlinawati from the United Development Party (PPP), also downplayed the need for the government’s preventive proposal on Saturday, and echoed Zulfadli’s concern for the potential for test changes to cause students psychological duress

Source : JakartaGlobe

well , when i find this article from site of jakarta globe, it makes me interested to give some of opinion of mine. this article says that the ministry of education and culture plans to give more variants on national exams questions, then it rises pro – contra betwen lawmakers and goverment. In this case the government wants to increase the quality of indonesian education of course. As we know this plans actually have been implemented since years ago. It is showed from increasing of passing grade for all students who wants to leave and continue their goals. The increasing of score i think has unduly burdened the students and it drives the students only focus on the certain subjects will be examined. It is proved to me, when i have to face the national exam, i just focused on the national exams subjects and tend to neglected the others. Until some years ahead, the government changed the regulation of assessing of national exam. The students will only stated pass the final exam, if they all pass also the exam given from their own school. Well this has became new good regulation for students and all stakeholders. But i personally, still question this regulation. as you know education taken by students in every regional is different. it backs to their own facility of learning process and their teachers also. The teachers must give their only potency their student, but mostly the excelent teachers only take a job in certain region or even institution which dare giving high salary as return. So the remain  in this teachers just take teir role in others area which is not familiar. The second one about the facility which every institutions are diferrent then the students in certain schools that only have minimal facility such as PC, library, or even the condition of classrooms, they will give less effort and less interest to maximize their potency and willingnes for studying. Ok these 2 condition as long as i know it has made the condition of education in every schools are different, then this will raise question why goverment give centralized exam for all students from sabang to merauke ?. It is not fair i think, the students who have minimal quality of facility and potency from their teachers will more burdened by this regulation. Even regulation also runs its plans to raise the minimum score for final exam.

According this article, i think this is not too bad idea. this is a good idea but it needs some more revision before it comes to regulation. Some ideas of mine are why the government give more concession to every school or region as the head of regulation who knows really about their own education potency. even more the government wants to increase the minimum score it is not a big problem as long as the variants of questions examined composed by its own regional government. And of coure this wont stop on regional government it self but also it neeeds such a cooperation to ponder what best variants of exam questions. So it will not only increase the quality of education but also in accordance of regional education quality. Its very simple i think, just give more authority for regional goverment and make some soordination in both making and assesing the final exam. the students will not feel that new regulation is such a burden.

Well, this is my opinion about that article. i hope, this will be heard by everyone who comes to my blog and raise the awarness and caring to our country education self. lets take it as simple as possible 🙂


What You Do Is Good

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It has been  long time since i posted my last posting abt closing my position.And now it has became such as a missing for me to fill my blog up again. I has had this feeling several months ago actually but it just become realistic today, this october 12 on friday. My life changes quite fast. now i have no job since my graduation by july. I know this is hard enough to face moreover i have to face my own problem of health. I think, that would be another obstacle to gain prestigus position. But i dont want to share abt this here, i have tried to bury deep down. Well i also dont want be stagnant in this situation, i understand that life must go on so it means i dont need to desperate !

2 days ago i decided to take an internship at my dad’s store. Actually it is ackward once i call it such as internship 🙂 . if you know, the store is too small far from mostly people imagines. this store is located in pekalongan at jalan banyu urip alit. it is far enough from city center. this store opens at 7 am and closes at 5 pm. My dad has 10 empolyees which is 4 females and other males. the males take their part as preparator of goods to sell and supervisor for coming goods inventory.  meanwhile the females take as cashier and preparator for small amounted goods. O ya, i guess you all must be eager knowing whats goods for sell ? think this is the new experience for own self as well. As you know Pekalongan is a city that famous for its batik product. not long time the goverment has set a carnival for celebrating batik day annualy. Batik has been trademark for this city even the national batik museum is also here. This city has alot of small industry making batik, and of course they all need all ingridients to make batik. Batik needs alot of combination of colours and others complementory substance. And here this store services to sell that all ingridients needed for  making batik. well, even though i was sock for the first time over see and know how it works but i triy to understand that good business is not coming only from neat and clean place but also from such this dirty and messed place. i has been trying up to now to push my egoism, i can say that i can be free to decide what path of life i will take but it comes back to the mean of  respect to my parents. How i can be like this unless because of my dad’s sacrifice. Yap, i know its hard and dilemma situation when you gona reach your own dreams. In one condition we asked to help our parents (if they have own business) directly and in other we want to live our dreams self. 3 days i have been living here and more i know how this business works and understand the behaviour of employee, how to run comprehensively from supplying inventories to reselling it all.  Also managing condition which costumer needs to complain. And the last, learning work more carefully :). This last point i did it wrong sometime but dont try to blame employee if they do it wrong just teach and give more trust to them, and it will be more excelent in the future.

I dont know how long i will be here, even a new branch nor far from here will be opened in several days ahead. I just have feeling that i will be placed over there to manage the store and supervise the employees.this become a happiness in one condition and sadness also. if it comes true what i said just now, my own dreams become farer long by long. it means that i will have no time to create my own path of dream. As you know one of my dreams is bein an financial director in a big company or even being CEO it self. Well, i starting to forget my dreams one by one and starting the new one at front of my eyes now. At least, i have been an supervisor first than my peers, while they are still reaching higher position at the same level of me. But the diferrence is my home company is just a small store with 2 or 3 employees LOL :). I believe my future in the right hand, in my God.And He will give all best  for everyone who believe and strive to reach what best in accordance with God.

since off position

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Thanx God ! prais eto U God !. after all, it has finished ! my duty in previous organisation has done and now i just stopped my course also. yeah as u know, i am still on progress of mini thesis. it is not easy to finish even to get best result from correlation between variable.. oh…. variable againn.. I am confused every i hear that word ! but it is a must to finish ! some of my firends have finished their mini thesis and examined and now how about me ? i am not sure i am the one who will be graduated in next may since i know i am  still on second chapter now. grrr…
Ok… i try to understand with this condition that not all thing we want to can achieved. we have to learn to be someone that can respect others achievement. even though thats not my type actually 😦
Ok sen, no more time for grumbling and feeling regret for what happened ! i have to chase my dream ! i have to make such a target that april my minithesis has to be finished ! i believe it !
ehmm also, seems like i forget the things to do, what is that ??????
yeahh,i have to read magazine in english everyday in 2 hours after waking up and closing my day with making resume bout an article in english too. hmm these activity never be carried out actually..  oke start tomorrow i am hansen will begin to read magazine in the morning and make resume at night before to sleep.
yeahh those all my promise !

first problem in singapore

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I can tolerate if I make mistake like not know bout how to use EZ card, alight in wrong side by MRT and not know where the hostel is. But please , this problem really make disspointed not with the hostel guard but other bacpacker guy. He change my bed with his without any confirmation to the guard. Until I get here and have to face that crazy guy ! Please I dont like the way u grab my bed. But I am still gratefull, the guard here is still honest and do the truth even though for the customer who really they dont know. I appriaciate him for keep on struggling return my bed but the crazy guy still doesnt want return it merely he threat the guard with checking out directly at that time.
Eventually , after the guard rearrange his costumers reservation, I am given the new one next to my bed.
I am proud of u guys ! 🙂

This Dragon Year

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Today is Lunar New Year ! yeayyy ^^ , Happy Lunar New Year all 😀

Gong Xi Fa Chai everybody ^^ may you have great happiness, Healthy and have prosporous life along this Dragon Year ^______^

Since i woke up in the morning bout at 6 a clock, i just aware that this is New Year of Chinese. I am happy to have this opportunity to celebrate this New Year wif my family except my dad as usual. This Dragon Year is told by people that will bring more Prosperity and all things good along this year because they said Dragon is primary animal of the other shios. Oh yea, For those who have shio like cock, mouse, horse and snack can feel happier than the others because they suit with this Dragon. So, congratulation for you ^^ , and for those who have other shios, dont worry bout this year, because my aunt told to me that you can avoid the bad luck by chewing the ginger. ahhahaha , eventhough it sounds strange but yes thats the recipe.

Ok forget bout it for a while, here i will tell you bout my activity today….

After i got up, my brother called my dad to said the happy new year and got a short conversation. Then we also called his GF’s family.  Kinoy’s family has many people , if i am not mistaken there are 12 people. As usual each lunar new year her family will gather in her mother’s home in tangerang. We said hello with each other and had some joke. But unfortunately, her elder brother, dad, nephew and niece were not there, they were in some other place.

Actually we have relatives from my dad in Semarang also exactly in center of Gang Baru street and then not to wait too long we headed to there to say hello and congratulate happy lunar new year. We got there with Huda’s friend. his name is Lazarus. But he did not want to come just wanted to wait for us. all memeber of or relatives are a fussy person, they love so much talking with the others. hehehe. We spent long time invited them, maybe if i did not warn my mom and brother they would continue that long conversation.

Our next destination was eating. we had our lunch in Tlogosari, we ate there due to we thought to see and look for houses. Yes, we actually will move away from our renting house immediately bout 1,5 years later. After that we looked for houses either from individual person to person or from developers. Lands were  also not bassed by from our view. We met some people to ask the houses price till night at 6 a clock. We got so hungry therefore we ate directly at Istana mie. ouh i was so full at that time. 😦

But at that time we still felt curious bout the houses sale by developer in houses exhibition at Java mall. Because of that we went to Java mall to see the houses exhibition. In there i seemed little excited to stand from Kampung Semawis, because some hours before we had surveyed the district of Kampung Semawis. Unfortunately the standkeeper was not there so i could not ask further bout their houses. I little bit was not interested with the other stands due to their houses is on the far area from city center. I dont like the house if the area is not near the city. Not like Kampung Semawis, the district is on near Java mall it just need 10 minutes to get Java mall. And the pople whose houses also seem friendly. thats why i prefer to know that house further.

The time showed 9 aclock then we went back and felt so tired. And before i sleep i put aside my time to write this posting. Oke then, its time to sleep ! Good night all ^^ have a nice dream 🙂

Ramalan Tahun Naga Air 2012

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Berita online di internet sekarang ini Ramalan Shio 2012 menjadi hal yang di bicarakan, karena banyak sekali orang ingin sekali mengetahui tentang Ramalan Shio 2012 sehingga menjadi hal yang sangat berarti info ini dan memang menjadi suatu hal yang sangat perlusekali untuk bisa di ketahui banyak orang. Sehingga kami juga memberikan untuk ramalan nasib yang bisa anda simak juga di tempat ini ya.

Memang banyak sekali info yang menarik di internet sehingga kita bisa tau tentang info sekarang ini yang lagi melejit seperti Ramalan Shio 2012 dan banyak yang lainnya. Bagaimana menurut anda mungkin anda ingin lebih jelasnya anda bisa melihat di tempat ini.

Ramalan Shio :

SHIO TIKUS Lahir tahun: 1900 | 1912 | 1924 | 1936 | 1948 | 1960 | 1972 | 1984 | 1996 | 2008

Di Tahun 2011, Anda yang bershio tikus bisa bernafas lega. Tahun 2012 ini sepertinya jadi tahun yang cocok untuk tikus karena tahun itu akan berjalan lambat dan datar saja. Namun dampaknya, pemilik shio tikus harus sabar dengan lambatnya perubahan dan perkembangan yang terjadi dalam kehidupan mereka. April, Oktober dan November jadi bulan yang baik untuk Anda. Mereka yang tengah pacaran, pernikahan atau pertunangan bisa terjadi di tiga bulan tersebut. Juli, Agustus dan Desember dan Januari juga akan jadi bulan yang spesial.

Untuk Anda yang bershio tikus, di 2012 inilah tahun untuk mengembangkan pribadi Anda. Kembangkan hobi, keahlian atau apapun yang Anda miliki sehingga nantinya membawa kebahagiaan. Dalam urusan kesehatan, setelah beberapa kali sakit pada 2012, Anda akan lebih fit di 2012. Anda akan merasa lebih sehat dan menjaga kesehatan dengan lebih baik.

SHIO KERBAU Lahir Tahun 1901 | 1913 | 1925 | 1937 | 1949 | 1961 | 1973 | 1985 | 1997 | 2009

Tahun naga akan jadi tahun yang penuh semangat untuk pemilik shio kerbau. Untuk mereka yang berharap ada perubahan dalam hal karir, di tahun inilah itu terjadi. Pada Februari, Maret dan September akan ada penawaran dan perkembangan baru yang membuat Anda tertarik.

Sedangkan asmara Anda, hari-hari spesial akan didapatkan. Dalam suatu kesempatan, mereka yang bershio kerbau, akan berada di suatu tempat dan waktu yang tepat bertemu dengan orang yang istimewa untuk Anda. Untuk yang sudah memiliki pacar, 2012 ini hubungan akan semakin kuat dan berkembang. Juni, Juli dan Oktober jadi bulan yang bagus untuk memulai atau malah menghangatkan percintaan Anda.

Kesehatan Anda di 2012 harus tetap dijaga. Jika ingin berdiet, pastikan diet tersebut adalah diet yang sehat, bukan membahayakan tubuh. Di tahun naga ini juga waktu yang pas untuk pemilik shio kerbau mulai berolahraga dan lebih banyak melakukan aktivitas di luar ruangan. Istirahat yang cukup juga hal penting yang tidak boleh dilupakan.

SHIO MACAN Lahir tahun: 1926 | 1938 | 1950 | 1962 | 1974 | 1986 | 1998 | 2010

Tahun 2012 kembali menjadi tahun yang menyenangkan untuk macan, setelah sebelumnya 2012 dilalui dengan hal-hal menggembirakan. Keputusan untuk menikah, atau membawa hubungan ke tahap yang lebih serius akan diambil oleh mereka yang bershio macan di tahun Naga ini. Sedangkan Anda yang single, ada banyak kesempatan untuk memiliki kekasih di Juni sampai September.

Keuangan pemilik shio macan, sama membahagiakannya dengan urusan asmara. Ada peningkatan pendapatan, entah itu dari kenaikan gaji atau bonus yang tiba-tiba diberikan pada Anda. Dengan perencanaan keuangan yang tepat, Anda bisa menikmati peningkatan pendapatan ini. Tahun 2012 jadi waktu yang tepat untuk Anda berlibur ke tempat liburan impian. Liburan ini bisa dilakukan di Agustus dan September.

SHIO KELINCI Lahir tahun: 1927 | 1939 | 1951 | 1963 | 1975 | 1987 | 1999 | 2011

Ramalan Shio 2012 Tahun 2012 adalah tahunnya kelinci. Mereka yang bershio kelinci tentu akan menyukai tahun ini apalagi akan ada peningkatan dalam karir. Kemampuan Anda berbaur dengan orang lain membuahkan promosi. Jika Anda ingin pindah kerja, ini juga tahun yang tepat. Maret-Mei dan Oktober-November adalah bulan yang penting untuk perkembangan karir Anda.

Keuangan pemilik shio kelinci akan sangat bagus di 2012. Pendapatan akan meningkat dan rezeki lain pun datang. Anda akan mendapatkan kenaikan gaji, menerima hadiah dan bisa memiliki pendapatan tambahan dari hobi atau usaha yang dirintis.

Untuk kehidupan sosial, Agustus, September dan Desember akan jadi bulan yang sibuk. Mereka yang single, akan menemukan pasangan pada 2012 ini. Malah hubungan asmara yang baru terjalin itu bisa berkembang dengan cepat. Sedangkan Anda yang sudah punya pasangan, hubungan tersebut akan semakin serius. Stres dan banyak kekhawatiran akan mengganggu kesehatan Anda di tahun Naga ini. Penting sekali Anda menjaga pola tidur, banyak istirahat dan tetap rileks.

SHIO NAGA Lahir tahun: 1904 | 1916 | 1928 | 1940 | 1952 | 1964 | 1976 | 1988 | 2000 | 2012

Tahun Naga akan jadi tahun yang aman dan seimbang untuk pemilik shio naga. Banyak di antara Anda yang bershio Naga, mengalami perubahan dalam urusan pekerjaan. Sedangkan dalam urusan asmara, ada kesempatan untuk bertemu orang-orang baru. Hal tersebut akan terjadi di bulan April, Juni, September dan Desember.

Kondisi keuangan akan mengalami peningkatan, namun harus tetap giat mengumpulkan pundi-pundi uang Anda. Secara keseluruhan, tahun ini akan jadi tahun yang menyenangkan untuk Naga.

SHIO ULAR Lahir tahun: 1905 | 1917 | 1929 | 1941 | 1953 | 1965 | 1977 | 1989 | 2001 | 2013

Pada 2012, mereka yang bershio ular akan memastikan mengerjakan apa yang disukai, melakukan sesuatu yang membuat mereka bisa menyalurkan kreativitas dan bakat yang dimiliki. Di Februari, Maret dan Oktober, ada kesempatan untuk meningkatkan karir Anda.

Keuangan Anda akan lebih cerai di 2012 ini ketimbang tahun lalu. Dengan perencanaan dan menabung, tahun ini akan jadi tahun yang tidak mengecewakan. Percintaan dan pertemanan akan sangat menyenangkan untuk pemilik shio ular di tahun Naga. Namun sedikit peringatan, kemungkinan akan ada orang yang mau menjatuhkan Anda dengan gosip atau hal-hal lainnya.

SHIO KUDA Lahir tahun: 1906 | 1918 | 1930 | 1942 | 1954 | 1966 | 1978 | 1990 | 2002 | 2014

Ada banyak kesempatan untuk shio kuda pada karirnya di tahun 2012. Anda harus melihat dengan jeli dan bergerak cepat ketika kesempatan itu datang. April, Mei, Oktober dan November merupakan bulan yang akan mendorong Anda untuk meningkatkan karir atau mendapatkan pekerjaan baru. Kesehatan akan menjadi hal yang dipikirkan shio kuda pada tahun Naga. Jadi, 2012merupakan tahun yang tepat untuk mengatur ulang rutinitas fitnes dan diet.

Jika Anda baru menjalankan hubungan baru, maka cobalah untuk rileks dan biarkan hubungan berkembang dengan perlahan. Sedangkan bagi shio kuda yang masih single, bulan Maret, September dan Oktober merupakan bulan yang tepat untuk mencari seseorang yang spesial.

SHIO KAMBING Lahir tahun: 1918 | 1930 | 1942 | 1954 | 1966 | 1978 | 1991 | 2002 | 2015

Tahun 2012 menjadi tahun yang baik bagi shio kambing untuk mencari kerja atau perubahan karir. Gunakan koneksi dan pasang kuping baik-baik untuk mendengarkan kemungkinan yang ada. Maret, April dan September merupakan bulan yang baik untuk kemajuan kerja atau perubahan yang positif.

Bagi Anda yang masih single, maka tahun 2012 akan menjadi tahun yang baik dan menegangkan untuk urusan asmara. Akan ada kesempatan untuk menjalin hubungan di bulan Februari, Agustus dan September. Sedangkan bagi yang sudah berpasangan, pada tahun 2012 akan terpikirkan untuk lebih serius lagi dalam berhubungan. Shio kambing akan menghadapi tahun yang berat pada 2012 sehingga kemungkinan menurunnya vitalitas cukup besar. Oleh karena itu menjaga kesehatan merupakan hal yang penting pada tahun 2012.

SHIO MONYET Lahir tahun: 1920 | 1932 | 1944 | 1956 | 1968 | 1980 | 1992 | 2004 | 2016

Bagi Anda yang bershio monyet dan bekerja di bidang kreatif seperti seni tulis, 2012 akan menjadi tahun yang inspirasional dan karyanya akan sangat dihargai. Tahun Naga juga akan menawarkan kesempatan promosi dan menjadi lebih aktif serta waspada. Bagi Anda yang mencari kerja, perhatikan pada detail saat mengirim CV. Bulan Februari, September dan November akan menjadi bulan yang baik untuk karirnya.

Jika Anda masih single, akan ada kesempatan mendapatkan seseorang yang spesial melalui outing kantor atau dengan teman. Kunjungilah pameran-pameran seni dan museum untuk meningkatkan kesempatan Anda.

SHIO AYAM Lahir tahun: 1921 | 1933 | 1945 | 1957 | 1969 | 1981 | 1993 | 2005 | 2017

Bagi pemilik shio ayam, Anda harus bisa lebih bekerjasama dengan rekan kerja di tahun 2012 dan meningkatkan kemampuan membangun jaringan. Hal ini akan terjadi pada bulan Maret, April, November dan Desember saat proyek tak terduga datang. Semua hal yang Anda kerjakan pada tahun 2012 akan diberbuah pada tahun 2012. Anda juga harus memikirkan kesempatan untuk mengambil studi atau mengambil training karena akan berjalan lancar dan akan membuahkan hasil pada 2012.

Hati-hati terhadap hubungan asmara Anda karena tahun 2012 bisa terjadi pertengkaran hebat atau bahkan menjadi akhir dari hubungan Anda. Jaga amarah Anda dan berhati-hatilah dalam memilih kata-kata.

SHIO ANJING Lahir tahun: 1922 | 1934 | 1946 | 1958 | 1970 | 1982 | 1994 | 2006 | 2018

Pada tahun 2012, pemilik shio anjing akan mendapatkan kesempatan untuk meningkatkan kualitas dan jenjang sebuah hubungan. Bagi mereka yang single, Anda akan menemukan seseorang yang spesial pada tahun 2012. Setiap kesempatan berkemungkinan untuk bertemu pujaan hati. April, Juni, Agustus dan Desember menjadi bulan-bulan sibuk untuk kehidupan sosial Anda.

Tanpa diduga-duga, kesempatan untuk memperluas pekerjaan atau mendapatkan kesempatan promosi akan hadir di tahun 2012. Tingkatkanlah kepercayaan diri dan menghargai diri sendiri dan dapatkan rasa hormat dari rekan kerja. Bulan yang menjadi favorit untuk bekerja pada tahun 2012 adalah bukan Maret, September hingga November.

SHIO BABI Lahir tahun: 1923 | 1935 | 1947 | 1959 | 1971 | 1983 | 1995 | 2007 | 2019

Pada tahun 2012, pemilik shio babi akan bekerja keras dan akan membuahkan hasil. Jika Anda ingin mencari pekerjaan baru atau mengharapkan promosi, bersabarlah karena hanya ada sedikit kesempatan di tahun depan. Namun jika Anda bisa bergerak cepat. Pada bulan Maret, April dan September perkembangan pekerjaan akan terjadi, namun Anda tetap harus waspada di sepanjang tahun jikalau kesempatan tersebut datang bukan di ketiga bulan tadi.

Bagi pemilik shio babi yang masih single, Anda bisa menemukan pasangan di tahun 2012. Manfaatkan teman Anda untuk membantu mencari pasangan atau hadirlah di setiap pertemuan keluarga karena bisa menjadi kesempatan Anda bertemu si dia.

Another short term resolution

Posted: Januari 20, 2012 in Thought

Hi, welcome back with me Hansen. maybe this post is seldom to read by everyone because mostly consist of my live journal . Lol 😀 , it doesn’t mind. I just want to share you all bout my story of today.
Today, No many activity i do. I dont have high spirit to increase my engkish skill even starting to write down my mini thesis 😦 . it was so hard to restart my focus on mini thesis not like i supposed before. I thought it will be easy to do to finish my mini thesis. My God, i have lost my spirit ! no more interesting to do that. In my mind i just think how to get job or schholarship. I lost my focus and my goal. i dont want regret someday because of my decision today. As the wise word say , ” The result of today is determined by yesterday action and today action will determine tomorrows result. “

This is not only talking bout finishing my mini thesis but also how to acomplish all my gooals in this year. I feel last year i did not do good things alot still many of them has not been finished yet.  I did not complete all my duty perfectly. and in this year i dont want to replay my failure again. No more !!!

This year is mine ! This year will bring me to the highest achievement ! i believe it !

I have made a rundown schedule for 10 days later and i make a target to finish my 1st cahpther of mini thesis before my trip to Singapore. it will be nice schedule 😀 I hope so !